Ode to the Luscious Locks

I’m not really going to write about my hair. That would be stupid. However, this whole plan of growing out my hair was part of something. I assume you could call it an identity crisis. It was easy to see, I mean, I do advertise my mind in a little section of notes on facebook and other venues of the interwebs. There was a lot of darkness. So much that I couldn’t see. Not saying that I have some clear sight of anything now, but at least now I seem to be content with the surprise of life. Maybe that’s just because life has been good, or maybe it because of something else.

I don’t know, I suppose I’m just as lost as ever. The whole world seems to be standing before me and just sit and wonder what do with it. At times I can be master of my domain and at others I feel helpless, unable to make any kind of decision that will lead me to that ultimate happiness which I have babble so long about wanting. Is there such a thing? And if there is, can I have it?

But after all the trials and woes I had placed upon myself, I think that I finally have found that I like myself a lot more than I ever reveal. Not perfect because Satan only knows how many flaws exist within my mind and soul, but at the same time I can’t help but feel a bit proud of the boyish man that I have become. He’s alright is what I’m trying to say.

But now what to do? In an hour, eight months of struggling to find myself by emulating ten years of John Lennon hair styles will all be gone. I’m gonna miss it, but it was worth it. It’s the little things, I suppose. But there are also big things. Big things that have to be considered because as far as any of us know, they may lead to that ultimate happiness scam we’ve all be sold so sweetly by those who have come before us. I don’t even know what might get me there. Success? Money? Friends? Drugs? Booze? Love? What is love? Have you ever been in love? Do you ever want to get married?

“No marriage without love, Watson.”

“Then why not love Holmes?”

“Absurd, Watson, absurd! I am not for love, nor love for me. It would disturb my reason, unbalance my faculties. Love is like a flaw in the crystal, sand in the clockwork, iron near the magnet. No, no, I have other work in the world.”


Sunday Morning Thoughts 3.27.11

Hmmm… well, what to say? I spent pretty much all day in bed. It was nice. My mind is very at peace. I apparently have gorgeous eyes. It’s nice to hear things like that. Especially when they’re real and sincere.

I don’t know what tomorrow holds, and that’s almost comforting. A little mystery makes life exciting. But in order to prevent finding some sort of problem that may or may not exist, I think this is all that I’ll write. Get some  Dharma Bums in and then get some sleep. Take me away Jack.


To-do list… sort of

It started out good enough

1. TV Studio mid-term

2. Miss Julie Lines

3. Acting midterm – The speckled band

4. ERS – EVENTS!!!!

5. TV Writing – Ad – Talk to what’s his face

6. Story??

7. Re-write lyrics

8. Write Lyrics

9. Kilt?

10. RA? Anything for that?

11.Ummmm… Talk to someone? Yeah? Don’t listen to Ryan Adams before you decide though… dumbass.

12. Other people to talk to?

13. How about money? Would you like some of that?

14. Quiting smoking? Or at least cut back, and maybe not smoke reds.

15. Gym and that stuff

16. Hey funny guy, stand up?

17. Get studious up in this bitch

why not?

I’m going to try and quit smoking… again. Yeah… I know I’ve done it a millions times, but what’s one more. If nothing else, I could at least take a break from it. Start working out again. Why not?

PSA Script

For my T.V. Writing class

I kinda like it

int. classroom – day

Five students sit and quitely observe as the TEACHER writes on the blackboard. In large letters on the top of the blackboard is JERSEY SHORE and underneath is CHARACTER ANALYSIS. All but one of the students are taking notes on the lecture. The SMART STUDENT sits the the center of class looking confused.


(Jersey Accent)

Yeah so, who can tell me the Situation’s motivation for hooking up with that broad?


Wait… what?

The student next to SMART STUDENT raises his hand and TEACHER calls on him.


Yeah, Christopha what do you think, huh?


Umm… yeah… his motivation was to uhhh…. GET IT IN BRA!

At this the class breaks out into uproarious laughter, excluding SMART STUDENT.


(laughing obnoxiously)

You got it man!

The TEACHER goes over and offers CHRISTOPHER a high five.


(high fiving TEACHER)

Yeah boy, I kicked that question’s ass!!!



Wait, are you kidding me? Is this serious?


Hell yeah, bra!


That’s just stupid man, you guys are idiots.


(like a child)

Nu-uh, you’re the idiot, idiot.



Can you even spell idiot?


Yeah, duh of course I can, idiot.

The TEACHER pauses and looks up thoughtfully. It slowly turns to a blank stare and then he grows upset.



Oh yeah, smart guy? I don’t need to, I’m the teacher. You fail. Not so tough now are ya?


Are you kidding me?


That sucks Bra!!


To hell with this crap. I’m getting out of here.

SMART STUDENT stand and walks out and slams the classroom door. Everyone left in the class is left laughing on the floor.

EXT. Park-day-sunny

SMART STUDENT walks to a bench and sits. He opens his back pack and pulls a copy of ON THE ROAD by JACK KEROUAC. He opens it and begins reading. Slowly his angry expression fades to peaceful smile. He sighs with relief and turns the page.


Sunday Morning Thoughts 3.20.11

Well… it’s been one hell of a week. Now where to start? At the beginning? At the end? In media res, as all epic poems are written? Should I just jump back and forth with no rhyme or reason? Oh, how life is filled with such questions and yet the answers seem to be so elusive. But since I am not one for giving up, I shall forge ahead. After of course, I invoke my muse.

So sing to me, O Muse, of the young man walking down the street with a mace in his hand and a song in his heart. Tell me of how he came to be and where he may go and what he may see. Show me what this boy thinks and what lies within his heart.

The people gave me funny looks. Some smiled, some wore looks of concern, but I can tell you that everyone notices when someone walks down the street with a giant stick slung over their shoulder and a cigarette in their mouth. I can’t lie, I enjoyed the attention. I would wish every bar I passed a happy St. Patrick’s Day and offered everyone a smile. I suppose the least I could do is share my joy.

This whole week had been quite eventful. I got some time at home to rest my mind and escape to the nothingness that lies in this place. In fact, I was talking with a good friend about this. You don’t appreciate the place you grew up in until you leave. Now I’m not saying that I want to live up here again, because I don’t, but what I am saying is that it is nice to be able to lie down in the grass and enjoy a cigarette as you gaze at the stars and ponder your thoughts.

But I only spent two days as an astronomer, then made the trip to New Rochelle on Wednesday, to drink, and then to Bay Ridge, to smoke and at midnight, had a few Guinness to ring in the holiday properly. I bummed it out on my friend’s couch and woke up early for Brooklyn breakfast, which was for me, that’s right you guessed, Guinness and soda bread. Happy St. Patrick’s Day kids.

And off we went, Mr. Hanko and I, to the city of New York on the only day that it is acceptable for a man to wear a skirt with no underwear underneath. On our way, I saw people from high school and a kid who called Kyle’s bagpipes a French Horn. But we got where we needed to go, and after waiting for I don’t know how long, we were off. It was great. All the Bay Ridge kids chanted “smoke that piff” as I passed and I tried not to laugh with little success. All in all a great day.

Then you do what every man in a kilt does on such a day, you drink… a lot. And for not a lot of money, which was nice. So from bar to bar we went, and the band started to become smaller until it was time to go to Bay Ridge, where after a great train ride discussing life with a 4 year old girl, I got even drunker and eventually passed out at the bar. I was woken up… sort of, and was given a couch and some underpants by the one, the only, the great Sean Greany. I woke the next day to find that I wasn’t sure where I was for some time. Had some coffee and a cigarette and then I was off to my Brooklyn day, which included finding my mace and jacket that I had left in the bar, for whatever reason. Luckily I found them because they were all borrowed, and played some nice songs with good people.

But Spring time is in the air, and it fills me with this feeling. I think it’s the season that I fall in love with. If spring were a woman, I’d spend every waking moment trying to win her heart and make her mine. But as with all other girls that have been in my life, she will fall away. Still, I know she will return, so until then I wait.

And since I’m waiting all this time, I could get a few things done. Get my grades up, maybe work on some lines, maybe write another song, maybe do some stand up, maybe write some things. All things that I have to do, so I might as well milk this feeling and get some productivity out of it. Or I could waste it. Either way, I know that my life unfolds as it should because if it doesn’t, what the hell is the point? Things happen, and if I’ve learned anything, it’s that I don’t know what my life holds for me. But, I can tell you this, I can make certain things happen. Not everything, but there are those things that if I want, I can have. If I want to be something, I can be. Or maybe that’s just fate too. Maybe fate will align with all of my desires. Or maybe it won’t. But I will try. I can’t not.