because we get to spend such a small amount of time on this Godforsaken rock so we might as well share all that we have.

Yes it looks like there’s pee on my shorts in this picture, but I swear it was probably from what ever liquid was in that cup. I don’t remember exactly what it was, as I don’t always recall who I am, especially when asked.

But the point of this thing right here, is to build or sculpt or create or destroy or live or grown or nurture or experiment with any kind of ideas. I think it would be better is someone beside me participated because I’ll waste it complaining about girls.

Peace, unless you read something, in which case take this peace and save it until the end of whatever is read last on this page.

P.S. I f you are wondering what Radurgadeegadology means, then you could ask. I might tell you, or I might not. I can tell you that whatever you think it means, you’re probably wrong.


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