To-do list… sort of

It started out good enough

1. TV Studio mid-term

2. Miss Julie Lines

3. Acting midterm – The speckled band

4. ERS – EVENTS!!!!

5. TV Writing – Ad – Talk to what’s his face

6. Story??

7. Re-write lyrics

8. Write Lyrics

9. Kilt?

10. RA? Anything for that?

11.Ummmm… Talk to someone? Yeah? Don’t listen to Ryan Adams before you decide though… dumbass.

12. Other people to talk to?

13. How about money? Would you like some of that?

14. Quiting smoking? Or at least cut back, and maybe not smoke reds.

15. Gym and that stuff

16. Hey funny guy, stand up?

17. Get studious up in this bitch


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