Sunday Morning Thoughts 6.2.13

The largest part of this self made struggle is the mystery of it. Simply put, there is something that I’m striving to understand and I haven’t a clue to its identity. There is dissonance in my soul that infuriates my mind to exhaustion. Perhaps it’s suffocation of surroundings or the lack of symbolism in my coming of age. It could be a desire to create further value or devalue something that already is place as important. The mystery consumes me in my purgatory. I sit and wait. Any word from Godot?

There’s another growing revolution in the world. Aside from on the web, you won’t hear much about it. As goes with mass protests, people are getting hurt. Some are dying but how many is still a mystery. I don’t like to think too negatively but I do, so I’d imagine that these numbers will rise before anything gets better.

Who knows if it ever will? Egypt has fallen to near ruin, or so certain several dozen different images on the computer say. It does make sense, as chaos and paranoia usually reign after not too long when religion leads, especially all those ones that stem from that myth of that Abraham fellow. High walls protect the rulers though, so at least they’ve got coverage.

But why talk about such things? Is that all there really is? Or is there more but it can’t be seen from here? Will there ever be an end to my vague questioning?


Why yes, there will be. And here it is.

The issues at play in this world today are all very traceable. When the world was larger and we were smaller, harsh actions would have vast consequences but the capabilities were limited. Our technology was limited and as such a violent species with limited physical attributes for it, we need technology to kill. We have dull teeth and no claws. We are not particularly fast or agile, especially in the developed world where most are fat, some disgustingly and disgracefully so. We don’t have camouflage or any means of protection. Just thumbs.

So upon arguments of gods, or land, rivers and other means of property aggression towards each other spread. With thumbs, we made ways to get better at all things we did. Since we did so much killing, we got better at that as well.

The catch, because there is one, is this. If someone were to kill someone you knew and loved, what impulse would you feel? See that, right there, is what makes it spread. If someone strikes down one of yours, in whatever sense that means, you will wish vengeance.


The vengeance you will bring is experienced from other perspectives just as biased as yours. The problem is these perspective will most likely now oppose yours and the same feelings will be felt and a similar vengeance sought.


It’s easy, if you’re not an idiot, to see how this can grow. And with greater and easier means of destruction so prominent in society, you could see how we got here. There were levels developed and perspectives grew into larger groups with different means and the same goals. These are, for the most part, your nations, religions, races, economies, militaries and the sort. All these are just means of classifying and organizing each other. The criteria differ and of course, some are voluntary and others less so. All of these things have one quality in common though. They all only matter as much as you think they do.

Despite what we all think, in the true full scheme of existence, none of this matters. Well, that’s harsh. These things, and by that I mean everything, in our lives only matter as much as we want them to. That goes for large scale beliefs. Near everything that mankind believes in, wasn’t in place at one point. Further, before any of those things became important, they started out as very small ideas. They grew and spread, and almost always become perverted along the way, but they came to be.

So how do we make life, which for some many is needlessly tiresome and tragic, into something better?



Just start believing that it is. Convince yourself to live by ideas that are kinder and grander with none of that dirty nonsense. Kindness will spread but not if the minds of the world don’t embrace it. Don’t fret about how. Thumbs had gotten us to points of mass destruction, we just have to change course. It doesn’t even take thumbs to flip a switch.

Or you can go on believing that things are bad and will always get worse. Or you can blame the dystopian state of the world on whatever group from who gives a damn. Surely blowing whoever you think your enemy is out of existence will work out. Right?