The Introduction

So what do we do here? Do we write a love story? One of those stories that makes you feel warm on the inside. Not happening. I don’t like that, I like those loves stories that make you scared to ever care about someone for real. Yet it’s still about love, and the flawed pursuit of it. It’s a story where people damn near destroy themselves trying to find it. The embodiment of all the pure simple feelings people can have, and throwing it in the world that does everything it can to prevent it. But unlike the other stories, this one doesn’t work out. People are hurt, dreams are broken and the love for life itself is even lost, because that’s how it happens.
So let’s introduce the cast. The protagonist; a young man, the hopeless romantic whose painful optimism have led him to heartbreak everywhere, and yet keeps him believing in even a small belief in some sort of overall good in the world. He always falls… hard. He always does the thing that he believes is right for others and not himself and he gets some sort of very sick kick out of it. He’s very much a writer himself, so he’s always looking for a good story. So why bother looking anywhere else, but right at home? Live the story, and build it deeper each day. So he carries his self-righteous moral system around with him from passion to passion, never ending well.
Other than our main character, we have the cast of friends who play a consistent blanket of comfort around the young man, encouraging him to continue on or urging him to take care of himself. They care for him, despite his obvious and detrimental flaws and they insist on standing by him and helping him in any way possible.
And of course, the last piece to this puzzle is of course the girl. This story is not consistently about one girl, but more so on the idea of finding love in a woman. The idea that he tries to find in every girl he catches an interest in. Now that same idea is the thing that constantly gets away from him, but he continues to chase it.
As the plot continues, you begin to question the moral integrity of the young man. He’s puts himself through a lot, and you wonder how long he can do it. He holds onto his beliefs as the life around him begins to destroy him… and that’s what he’s going for, because remember, it’s all about the story. He doesn’t write happy endings, he doesn’t know how to. Happy endings aren’t well enough written, they cheat. They all lie to you, make you believe in the things that aren’t out there, but by showing it how it is, you start to get the audience thinking and once you have your audience, attentive and holding on, you show them what happens and hopefully they can see the lives they have, and find the love for themselves. If it stories stay the way they are, people will be left in such a delusional haze that things they think will not be able to handle themselves. That’s how he gets his kicks, it’s all for the story.
Now this character has no name. He might have many aliases, but he has no name. His story can end so many ways, but all with the same thought. Through all of his stories, his beliefs stay intact, if you look close enough. Even through death he holds on to those beliefs that have created him. He is his own greatest creation, and he must destroy it. He won’t be finished until he does. He doesn’t know why, but he needs to see it to the end, no giving up or changing pace.
So there’s our set up. We have our characters, our plot set up, and our purpose. Now all we do is build on that. Now you know what this character is like, so don’t expect any sort of happy ending here, he’s not capable. Now he might be likeable and relatable, but there is no happy ending hidden behind all of this, never will be.
So sit back and relax, but be sure to watch closely, this might interest you a bit. It’s not a dull tale, fairly interesting, but I believe there might be some sort of message behind it, I get that feeling there is. This story rarely ceases to amaze, rarely slows down. There are no breaks, no intermissions, it runs straight. The curtain doesn’t close, the cameras don’t turn off. There’s always someone watching, so you don’t want to miss anything and trust me, he never likes to disappoint the crowd. So please, enjoy, it’s taking some time to finish, but it will be good, it always is.


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