Sunday Morning Thoughts 12.2.13

The clock is ticking over all things, it would seem, but only one thing in particular matters at the moment. That, of course, would be this as I have finally given the the chance to live up to its name and occur at the advertised time. I haven’t fancied what I might talk about, which may be for the best. It could also be for the worst, so I had best get a move on to rectify any wrongs already made and very much alive.


So I’m trying to think about an ending. The one I had thus come up with looks like it won’t be so much of an end. It is certainly the height of the action but not where I want to leave off and run away on new adventures. My ending needs less excitement, strange as that may sound. An ending that contains a lot of action and occurrence is hiding some sort of weakness. All the motion is to cover up some sort of depth that was implied but never really reached, or so I believe. Even if a plethora of jaw dropping events occur right before the ending, it is not those events that shake us but rather, it is ourselves who through our means of mental digestion afterwards, find things that are even further beyond belief. In a book, or something like that, the writer has their own impression that they try and instill but each person has their own perspective on the matter. Even if they seem to agree with everyone else.

But this talk of novel concepts is not what this is all for. If you want to know the ending, then buy the book… as soon as I’ve finished writing it.

In the meantime, let’s discuss idiots and politics.

Now the term idiot may seem harsh but so is the word cancer. So we will use it in its intended and scientific manner of use. Now there are plenty of idiots in this world. I’m sure you may even have a few in your family. Now an idiot is usually so blinded by their own self righteous opinions that they cannot see the trail that leads to their own creation. To put it another way, they believe that a particular set of things is responsible for all their troubles, so they spend their time and air preaching about how they’ve been wronged. This, of course, is not the case and at the very best is horrible skewed from a single idea that had been blow out of proportion.


I was going to get into specifics but that only encourages the behavior. I would like to say, that most of the world’s issues, if not all of them were caused by other generations than my own. They love to blame the youth but it’s the baby boomers and Generation X who sucked the teat of the greatest generation dry. It was they who bankrupt and poisoned the world. It was they who started wars and they who send us off to them. I’m not saying everyone in those generations are responsible but if people want to throw around the blame game in a very vague fashion, they had best be prepared to put their dukes up.

It is my generation, our generation, that gets to inherit all of this while receiving the confidence boost of being told that we are not as good as those who came before us. We are the ones that are going to have to live through the pollution and war and debt and suffering that happens throughout the world. And it grows and grows and grows and those who hold that illusion of power continue the same paths and processes that brought us here in the first place. They conditioned us as kids to be good consumers and to waste and to watch the television and eat and eat and eat. They told us that we were special, so shitty behavior became justified. They made us this way, but blaming them makes us just like them.

So I won’t toss accusations unless they are thrown at me. They were tossed my way a few days ago, but by a deadbeat loser so I shouldn’t indulge further. He was the kind of guy who laughs at his own jokes. In fact he is the only one who laughs at his jokes.

Still, I’m trying to do my part because I can’t do it all. In fact, I can’t do most things that are needed to make life better but I can do a few. And more importantly, I know people who can. Though I don’t know how my role in all of this will look at the end, I have an idea. But first, I need to finish my book.



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