Sunday Morning Thoughts 1.13.13: Response to Protesting Rights Violations on Social Media

Should there be an agenda for all this? I’ve never been a fan of too much structure. Or poorly planned structure. I suppose if it’s designed to adapt, it wouldn’t be bad to have something like that going on. Still, I don’t think agenda’s in their very design allow for much relief from rigidness. That and creators of said agendas are always quick to anger when things go against their plan.

I dig where it comes from though. Here was their neat little plan for how they would sculpt their future, all dressed up and divine, and in comes the rest of us humans, spitting and shitting on everything we can. Or so it would appear from that perspective. Or my perspective.

So we’ll abandon the idea of any kind of plan for this moment and indefinitely into the future. I’m shit at making plans anyway.

I find it rather incredible, this life thing, and please remove the idea that word always means a good things. Don’t think it is all bad either. It just is, despite my inability to understand why.

And to further prove that I’m terrible at planning, it is now Tuesday as I write this but that has provided me with a topic of discussion. I thought several times about posting some statement to quell the anger of those outraged over gun control measures on one of my social media venues. Then I thought a bit more and realized that I would rather speak here.

So Governor Andrew Cuomo of this great state of New York and the NY legislature passed a new gun control law and the claims of unconstitutionality have been echoing across my Facebook feed. To those people I would like to ask, why you now care about the Constitution? Because you think the government wants to take your guns and now you can’t protect yourself from tyranny? Because we are going into a new kind of socialistic dictatorship that will leave us powerless to defend ourselves? Because guns are the only thing that keeps us safe from the crazies of the world?

With all due respect, fucking blow me. Don’t bother getting mad now because this Constitution you claim you care so much about is nothing more than a piece of paper for the fat-cat owners of this country to wipe their asses with. I’m sure you’d like some examples. You’ve got it slick.

We’ll start with the big one. Numero Uno of the Bill of Rights states that we have freedom of press. So why is that we rank 47th globally in freedom of press? We’re on the same level as Romania and Argentina. Mali is ranked higher than us. Look it up if you don’t believe me, I’ll wait.

Done? Excellent. We’ll leave that one for now because I could go on about that for much, much, much longer. Next on the list, we’ll head over to the 4th Amendment which guarantees our privacy and protection from illegal search and seizure.

Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… hahahahahahaha… hahahahahahaha…


I’m sure the computer program designed to monitor this very blog site is laughing right along with me. Two words friends: PATRIOT Act. That constitutional right is long gone.

Next up. Mr. Bradley Manning, who has been imprisoned for over 1,000 days now, which is almost 10 times longer than is usually expected to be maximum waiting time for a trial. And if you want to say he would be under the laws of the military, the Uniform Code of Military Justice says in Section 813, article 13, that there will be “no punishment before trial.” Deny it if you’d like, but he has certainly been punished for doing what he saw as truly just. And I, and many other agree with him.

That’s just a few of an absurd amount of unconstitutional actions taken way before people complained about losing their 2nd amendment rights which they still really haven’t. I don’t know how many of you have shot a gun, but I know I have. I also don’t know how many of you have seen a dying human, but I know I have.

I do know that assault weapons are defined in their name. They are not for hunting, or for protection. They are for assaulting. They are designed to tear through as much flesh as possible. They kill and do not require much skill in accuracy. They shoot as many bullets as fast as they can. They are literally killing machines.

And if you are worried about the government using force to control you, fret not. You didn’t stand a chance even with your machine guns. They have tanks, ships, jets, helicopters and bombs of all sorts of destructive power. And the best yet, drones which can be controlled from miles away and reign fire down from the heavens.

But you’re right, guns are not the problem. We are. The reason there are so many shootings, including a new one that happened today has to do with us. We are taught violence and aggression since being children.

I read something today, about one of those mothers who lost their child in Sandy Hook Elementary school. She described what happened to her son, as she saw his body or what was left of it. His jaw was blown off his face and most of his left hand was gone. She didn’t want people to think that “these little angels just went to heaven.” They were slaughtered in a place they were supposed to be safe in.

Guns are for killing and we like to kill. We have games about it and our films glorify it. We stupidly and ignorantly threaten that we are going to kill this person or that person. They just gave awards to people who made a movie about how we defied our own supposed values and hunted down a man to bring him what we called justice. We put the Nazi’s on trial and they killed millions. That Bin Laden fellow was responsible for a few thousand and did not get such justice.

Say what you want and get as mad as you want, you’ll only end up proving my point. I’m on the side of peace which very well may be the death of me someday.


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