Sunday Morning Thoughts 7.29.12

Run rampant with ambition because the fortunate ones are they who can see what they have and seem to want no more than that. “I am not like that,” he mumbled into the bottom of another glass. He’s been at it all day and he shows no signs of slowing down.

Move along the seemingly endless onslaught of hours until now, or the best possible idea of now. It’s not really endless though, and you don’t quite have the choices you thought you had regarding the whole incident. Fixation upon the screaming shining idol has led to the beautifully distracted creation of a man with worldly expectations for the self and the betterment of the whole. If you did it to help save the world, I would completely understand and by completely I mean not at all and how could you do this for me?

I’ve been spent a lot of time to myself. I’ve been cooking and cleaning and thinking and reading and writing and wandering around. I’m a healthier man, though I have no riches to speak of, aside from a few skills and a few tools to display them on. I’ve managed to start my way on two separate careers, in addition to the thousands of daydreamt thoughts of a happy future. I have nearly graduated from a college where most people know my name, or know who I am. This is of course due only to the pursuit of those little daydreamt adventures, be it writing a column or performing some nonsense on stage or you’ve seen me go on a drunken rant about something at some party and it was moderately entertaining.

I do these things because I love them, but they come often times with a certain amount of attention paid which may drive a man made. Thank science and the natural world for making things as wonderful as beer.

But as the acceleration into yet another cycle of life begins to get where it means to go, so must I and blah blah blah blabbity blah.

I ponder how to make such a mass of shaky and skittish beasts into organic beings with the utmost ability for computing and processing information in order to solve both internal and external conflicts. It surely can’t be easy and just by saying that, I’m sure it is in fact terribly easy to put into play all the necessary characters in blindly poetic and accurately beautiful processions. There is a terrible different in how things are and what they should be and all though the answer may or may not be simple, it is a long way from this point here.

Death and terror are too boring at this stage in the game. We are drowned with the feeling that we are constantly under attack from everywhere and if not from there, it is certainly coming from inside. Dyed red hair is now a clear sign of evil to the bewildered masses who wonder why and why and why, when the answer is the problem in a sense. Justice gets delivered through aggressive means for man, as it seems to be the only way he’ll learn. Still, he makes the same follies upon himself and his neighbor day after night after day.

I got into an argument with several very angry and under my assumption racist strangers on Facebook. Just by how that sentence ended explains why it was such a wasteful ordeal, both between the officer and myself. I won’t go into it though, as it is only perpetuating the issue. However, I will tell you in some way what was learned.

I learned that most people are generally good but are placed under terrible circumstance to keep such thing a thing going. We are conditioned to all sorts of social and spiritual and economical identities that we become aggressive to anything believe to be a threat and unfortunately, an increase in any unnecessary and habitual aggression will result in a decrease in rationality and over all critical thought.

Now in order to reverse such a thing, the process used to create it must be done the exact same sort of way only in the other direction. I told you it was a simple theory but the how is a bitch. My idea at this moment, and for a few several moments both in front and behind it, is that it needs to be an infection of sorts. It will have to start small and will often fail from treatment, but survival is strength. That is more of what went wrong in the first place, so it would have to begin to infect the infections. That makes sense, right?

The best way to do this is through the wealth of knowledge each conscious and capable being can collect. Take all things from your life and share them with who will ever have them. I guess, I don’t really know. There are some things that not everyone can handle and few people who won’t share. Some things you keep to yourself, as your personal little burden, a memento of the infection if you will. An inspiring memory of pain caused by something grand or something like that.

I thought I saw a ghost today, but it was only in my head. The sun has come back out and I’m off to try and conquer some more.


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