Sunday Morning Thoughts 7.8.12

Ideas can be not too different from viruses. They give you a warm feeling sometimes and could kill you at any moment. There is always one sickness that we carry with us to our graves. Mortality and all that coming from the late bloomer to his own youth, arriving just in time to see and meet, only never to be again. Fate is for the faithless follies of fools.

A fool would say that all things are meant to be and that all things hoped for shall someday come to pass. He would tell you that even the pursuit of noble intention has reward. He would read you poetry that he hardly understood in the hopes that something could be learned. What a schmuck, am I right?

All lazy and full of chemicals, I hope for a dream that will wake me in the morning with a terrible feeling of dreadful loneliness. I want my mind to creatively describe all my man made woes in all their shade and shadow so that they could never leave me without a fear to gnaw at the strings connecting what is to what should be. It’s decadent and fully licensed as such, with vain obsession as the key financial supporter.

I’ll go now to indulge as every junkie needs a fix. Of course when I say now, I mean later, at least to the point where I would have otherwise forgotten it. Yet I ask myself, were there a gun to my head, would I have stones to stand by what I said? It doesn’t matter though, does it?

Next to the words ‘News Room’ on some crap network started by a lunatic with a moustache, is the question of ‘how does Yolanda Adams do it?’ That was about a minute ago and I just looked back and they are still talking to this decrepit old sea hag. I could look her up and find something about her, but I don’t give a royal shit. My finding out who she is would only place more needless meaning into her life therefore sapping the meaning of everyone else. Then comes an underwear commercial, breakfast cereal, crappy porch awnings, pills and finally and ad for what I’d call a 7 out of 10 brunette to pretend that she is really concerned about you and wants to give you the hard information you need instead of the pig slop that you really want.

Here comes the heartwarming tale of a few golden eagles that had survived those wildfires out west in Colorado. The real story would be in how many died and the connection between these wildfires and the environmental irresponsibility of man.

And now they’re talking about the economy so I’ll just leave this be. I’d rather not get all too infuriated at this point, although keeping my cool could be counterproductive.

Well, let’s look at it this way. Were I to get all fumed and vengeful, I would be no step closer to a solution. Unfortunately Howard Beale said to get mad 40 or so years ago and we have missed the boat where the simple act of getting mad will do anything. Now is the time for thought and development of ideas that will be strong enough in themselves to stand up and defy all that stands in the way of its own perceived righteousness. Dig?

How, is a tricky question that refuses to be ignored any longer. There exists an inevitability that will naturally begin to fall to action before our very eyes. Man will be put to the test but the only judgment shall be cast by the natural harmony and our willingness to comply with such demands. Thou shall not kill your neighbor or steal his things or at the very least not for any stupid reason like money or power. Thou shall not try to trick or trap those whom you meet. Thou shall not believe the word of any god that tells you that you are special and different from anything else. There is only your perspective and consciousness but you are decaying organic matter and you had best act accordingly.

But why go through all of this? Well it is quite simple, mah boy. You see there have been humans who have had thoughts and they took them and wrote them is some form or another so that someone else could see it. In these words were suggestions in varying strength and profound insights that lead to the peace that all seek yet none can give a name to. Here are a few examples of such things.

It is a firm belief of mine that exploration of the mind is the only way that human beings can progress and overcome problems that exist externally. I feel that peace in the world is not only possible but is required if we plan on living past the next century. Peace does not mean that all will be calm and everyone will get along because that is a childish belief but to have a general harmony with the other living things where any negative energy tossed in the mix is greatly outweighed by the positive.

I believe love is not necessarily a thing that means happily being with someone. Love can be to any type of idea and it could very well tear you apart as long as somewhere within that idea is the inspiration of beauty and appreciation for the intricate and chaotic madness of life. Love can be a grand lie in the same way that every painting is a lie. Love can be never fully realized and could be better off that way.

It may not be much but those are the thoughts that could make or shake something in this world. That is why I feel that my ability to conceive of and express these ideas is some sort of poetic prose is an obligation that I have no choice but to fulfill. The only truth from my muse was grown from the darkest and most meaningful portion of the heart. The lessons to be learned will carry on further than any bond to the soul of another. Or so I’ve been lead to believe.


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