Sunday Morning Thoughts 6.24.12

     I started, or at the very most tried to start writing this on Sunday, which was now three days ago. The things written are not here now because they were crap and therefore were erased. Harsh, I know but these things have to happen. However, I did save the bit I wrote last night. I don’t remember writing it, which can only add poetic value in accordance with lifestyle policy. Enjoy.

     Not yet. I have returned but the thoughts to have are still to dawn upon me. I could talk about the few dozen things that are on my mind but it would be a waste at this point. I have drunk this evening but not enough to have anything profound fall from my thoughts. You’ll just have to wait this short moment which to some may seem like a life time.

     Irish lullabies will get me no further than they have ever known to be but so be it as such. Madness will need to seep so much more furiously from this individual I call I or the whole thing will tumble and fall to pieces. I’m mad and I love you. Yes, every single one of you can dive in as much as you’d like. What would any of this be without the pursuit for attention.

But riddle me this, Batman. How would you define success?

     And like, the answer becomes ever more difficult to hear.

     Why that was spared when the rest were sacrificed may never be known to you. It may not even be known to me but I’ll never tell.

     I’ve spent much of my time speaking of oblivion and infinite possibility and existence and whatever is the opposite. The irony in that last sentence is quite nice, but we are not here for literary tricks. We are here to accomplish something.

     What’s that Johnny? You want to know what it is that we have to accomplish? Alright tampon, listen up.

     We are here, or at least I am here to free the human soul from these absurdly made shackles that are cast on all. There are so many places in the world, this fearless nation being one of them, that claim to be a beacon of freedom and liberty for all of man. They are liars and very poor ones at that. The world is run by shady circus folk and we are stupid and drooling. Even those of us that are awake and understanding have to pretend or they’ll come around and give you another shot from that needle.

     Reasons cannot seem to find why this has started to fill my mind more and more and more. The feeling of obligation and destiny and sense of destination have got me. The world does not allow that my will be done but understand that the sway of it all can be influenced much more than thought. The human mind is a terrible thing that when it works its best, all it can do ask why and never receive any kind of real answer.

Why seem so aggressive? It may very well be getting to that time. You know, that period in life that is drummed up to seem so dire and drastic and yet falls and fades just like the rest. I ask you to allow me to be a tad selfish for this instant as I feel like stringing some fairly fantastic lines about falsehoods.

I hate to break the covenant made on the high holy day but there are souls at stake. Namely mine. I may have seen too many decaying people in recent moments to be able to express a sunny outlook but I shall try just the same.

Now with that being there and I being here, the point becomes different with disregard for most anything and nearly everything. The goal has to change to something that if it is not more simple, it is certainly nowhere near as difficult.

This simple task is global domination. Not in the sense of what we will try and do tonight, Pinky, but in dominion of an idea. I was aware that domination was not the proper word choice since it had been written. It stayed to keep you all on your toes. I may ask you to do something later.

What now kid?

Well I look at it like this. Most of the moves that will be made from day to day will seem small and many will be lost. Now if I make as moves as possible, that only statistically makes the odds better, does it not? Either way, I want to enjoy these last few moments. I have spent my time better than I have ever given myself credit for, but it could have certainly gone better.

I believe that last one was at least half a lie. 


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