Sunday Morning Thoughts 6.10.12

Another week and this story is still barely near being what you could call started which only makes it even further from being finished. I believe I’m going to make all of this stop right now.

I don’t know if I’m able to look into my future for any period over 25 years and predict that I am going to have to try and survive some pretty horrific things, including some sort of mass extinction of humans. What will cause such things can only be speculated, but the pressure is building up from all around and there’s only so much she can take. Humans have been too bitter and petty towards each other for far too long now. Unfortunately the acts committed for petty and often times stupid reasons hold much more harm than need be.

I feel that if I don’t stand up to something and start making some sort of noise about this, then I will have failed to serve any type of purpose myself and will fall to the likes of the sheep who will march slowly to their slaughter. Now I ask you, does that seem like any way to live?

I didn’t think so. I could be extreme but I’d rather say that I’m preparing for the worst. It’s better than believing that nothing bad could really ever happen to you just because it hasn’t happened yet. Anything could happen and some things that shouldn’t, do.

It’s probably not best to be all gloom and doom but I had a terribly wonderful dream the other night that really set me back a few hundred days. I’ve been trying to skip back to where I was, but it’s not that easy to pretend. Regardless, the dream and its contents are my own and I’d like to bury them by myself, if you don’t mind. My private choice to turn my mind into a graveyard could also have many unseen consequences, but I’m American. I don’t bother with concerns about consequence.

Here’s the thing though. I was speaking with a friend as we wandered through a park a few days ago. There is tide brewing that will effectively change the entire game, all within our lifetimes. Now here’s the hopefully part. There exists a group within this generation that is coming of age now, that has lost feeling towards their brainwashing efforts. This is not everyone of course, as many of you pigeons are not even aware to the ignorant evil that you feed. Many of us vegetate in front of mindless TV that couldn’t even be called entertainment. We waste our time on nothingness and dope our minds on drugs and crappy music. And then there’s those who fill their minds with bullshit pop politics fed to us from money making thrill machines that live under the guise of news. It’s these things that will lead to our doom.

However after spending all our lives in the over saturation of thought draining media, a few of us have found its effects to be wearing off. Satisfaction can no longer be found following the patterns set before us so we begin to act out. Some of us are criminals, or musicians or writers or actors. We are computer programmers and teachers and we are starting to find that this isn’t working anymore. And I mean any of it, the whole ruse is falling apart.

Naturally, none of really know what to do which would explain the Occupiers and the protestors across the world, from Montreal to Syria and Spain. We want to get upset and tell the powers that we need these things but as they have learned in Syria, the powers that be don’t care about the person, just the mob. Each part of the world deals with its mobs differently after all. Here in the states, we just get the occasion overly violent arrest and accidental death but the idea that it won’t get worse is a terrible one to hold. In America, we all fell asleep in front of the tube, only to wake and find that our congressman was looting our house.

I say all of this because I think it needs to start being said. I am a writer or at least I am in this moment, so my best bet to start moving where it needs to get is by writing. If I write this and someone reads it (such a novel concept these days… get it? Novel? Go back to sleep) then I may have helped them to break the brainwash. Someone had to dig me out, and I suppose it was really a few people.

But as I was saying, if I could convince one other person to start looking harder at what they see, then maybe they’ll share the wealth. We have no money and if you actually read about economics, you’d know that. We have no faith as half the churches are corporations and all of them seem to only care about selling themselves as better than the other. We are losing our nation and already have to the millions who hate this place because of 21st century imperialism.

This can still all be changed though. And if you’ve made it this far in this short essay of sorts, I urge you to help. I shouldn’t have to though. You should want to do it for yourself.


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