Sunday Morning Thoughts 1.29.12

There stands reason, too far to fill or feel anything that there was or were or will be and all I can do is twiddle my metaphorical thumbs until time metaphorically ends. Or it might end literally. What can an old young man say about this? I suppose nothing, especially since this is three days later than it should be. At midweek I feel no wiser than I did at the start even though there were times in between here and there that I felt control and some sort of happiness I suppose is the word. What has happened between then and now? Well nothing really, besides a few creations of my own mind and the woes that social media brings. I may be reaching that breaking point where I run off into the woods for to find enlightenment. Isn’t it cute how I kid myself?

But still the timer ticks because once my laundry needs to go in the dryer, this will be abandoned whether it is finished or not. Makes me wonder how I’d fare running from the law or something like that. To have a life of excitement, so much so that you can’t even appreciate how lucky you are to be chased and only wish to stop at least for awhile, if only to take a breath. Hey pot, what color is that kettle?

The last interesting conversation I had was about how stupid people, including myself are and how all we’re geared to do is eat, sleep and fuck and anything else is just made up fluff. Is it sad? A man who hopes that every girl he sees across the room is the one that will be the one that makes him finally be able to give up on all this hopeless change. She’s not of course, but he’ll be damned if he doesn’t try and find out. The music is shaking the wall as every next door barely dances to a song that will be played at every crappy party for the next 6 to12 months and then never be played again.

I guess that does sound pretty sad. I need some more time until I can start saying something of value again. Sorry for wasting your time with this one, it just had to be done for personal reasons. I’ll come out drinking another night.


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