Sunday Morning Thoughts 1.8.12

I do apologize. I feel as though we ended on a bad note and I’d really like to not do that. If there’s anything that I can do that would change your mind, I imagine it doesn’t exist. That’s fine of course. Things that don’t exist are my specialty.

I don’t know what my point is. I don’t know what I want and I don’t know why I’m writing this. I don’t know why I don’t just abandon this whole idealistic dream. That dream that there is something that I can do to make this world a better place. No one wants to be happy and free clearly because no one stands up for anything they believe in. Everyone and everything is all just talk as am I and as this right here is. All it is and all it has ever been are words that I use to make myself feel better and feel like I’m doing something. But what have I done?

I’ve been watching the presidential debates but I don’t know why because they are pathetic and only show that this country has become a complete failure of the ideals that blood was spilt for. It worked for awhile but the last hundred or so years have just been a spiral into debt and war as we are willingly robbed of all of our freedoms. I want to get mad but is there even a point? What will me, some punkass 20 year old boy ever be able to do to change the world? I believe that just because my high school voted me to be such a person in the yearbook, but what the fuck does anyone from my high school know? What do any of us know? Why do we wake up every morning when we could just stay in bed and live in the world of unconscious fantasy? Why bother, right?

Wrong. That is in fact so terribly wrong that it makes me sick to even think of giving up. Giving up is easy and any fucking fool can do that. It takes a lot to stand up to anything especially the establishment. But what is the establishment? Well let’s dive into that, shall we? I suppose the idea of the establishment is the set standard of how things are done. It’s the government and the social construct and the law and the ideology that stands today. So what do all of these things mean? The answer to that is simple. It means whatever you want it to mean and nothing more. You can defy every single one of those things. People break the law all the time and I don’t mean by murdering someone. Smoking a joint is breaking the law and yet people do it every day and its more people than you’d imagine too. Yet despite the majority not really giving a shit about people smoking a little pot, it’s illegal and punished unjustly. Still this is not about trying to legalize pot.

There’s a mold that were all supposed to fit into. We are all supposed to work and pay taxes and love the U.S. of A no matter what stupid shit the country does.

“You did not just say that America is stupid. That is unpatriotic, you terrorist.”

America is stupid. We have evolved beyond the point of just being ignorant and are now entering into the realm of pure stupidity. Don’t believe me? Well let me make a few points. Iraq. We had a war there for 8 years that was started for no reason. The public was lied to and the “President” went and invaded and over threw a government and hung around to make a few trillion dollars off of something like 150,000 deaths. I put President into quotes because the president has been an idiot for my entire life. When I was born it was George Sr. then it was Clinton, then good ol’ W and now it’s Barry Obama. All of them have never made any decision because they thought it was good. They made them because someone paid them to do it. I’m not going into factual detail because you can look that up now. Well at least temporarily you can because soon the internet will be censored and you won’t be able to find anything that makes anyone in power look bad but behind almost every elected official are the people who paid to get them elected which is not the American public. The American public sits around and watched mindless television programming and believes what they are told.

I’m guilty just as much as the next person or at least I was. I used to believe in every establishment that I was told to believe since birth. That was until I reached my teenage years and met a few people who opened up my perspective. It was scary at first. It was scary to stop believing in the God of my family. It was scary to stop believing that the country I lived in wanted me to be happy. It’s terrifying to leave those comforts but it was absolutely necessary to free my mind. There was a sloppy college kid with a 7 year tenure at various institutions who showed me a few things and then an oddly dressed kid with a fiery red beard who showed me the power of my mind without even intending to. Or maybe he did. I do still wonder what he’s up to now or if he was even real.

Here I go, digressing all over this bitch. Let’s bring it back home again. All I can do as of now is use these words to try and reach anyone who will read this to open you minds and hearts and see the shit show that is the human race. We are panicky and far too trusting and oblivious to everything that actually goes on. We have all been tricked into this overall consciousness that tells us that we can do anything to change the world. You’ve been lied to. You can do whatever you want, yes you. Sure you can get arrested and tossed away and now with the newest set of bullshit liberty stripping laws, you can be tossed into a prison cell for no reason for the rest of your mortal life. But there’s a catch to all of these things that the establishment doesn’t understand. You cannot put everyone in prison, you cannot have a war with everyone and you can reach a breaking point. Some may call it treason which would be an honor. How you ask? Well George Washington was a traitor, so was Jefferson and Adams and Gandhi and Guy Fawkes and Lenny Bruce and Bradley Manning. If a corrupt government deems you a traitor, that means you’re right and they don’t like that.

I’m not telling you to do a single thing besides open your eyes. If you look at your world and see nothing different, you’re not changing your view. Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to upset the establishment because it’s there to be upset. A happy establishment usually means an unhappy people. Nothing will become instantly better but don’t give up the fight. Giving up is easy.

Whoa, that escalated fast. It is a nice change of pace because I was just going to write about how this girl won’t talk to me and whine about all those problems. Call me crazy or obsessed, but I won’t give up on anything until there’s nothing left. 


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