Sunday Morning Thoughts 12.25.11

Yesterday was a holiday so I took one myself. T’was a long day of drinking and merriment with relatives and getting stuff. I got more stuff than I needed but that always happens. Its just how my parents are, they give to their children even it is undeserving. Bless their souls.

Now, now, now what are some thoughts? Boredom is taking over but it’s alright. I’ll be heading to the ridge soon on a little vacation. I ran in the new year there last year and it was rather fun. I can only assume that this one will be just as fun, as Brooklyn always is.

But with this year winding down I suppose it’s only natural to look back on it. I’ll use this week for that and then use the next one for the new year. It’s supposed to be the last year for this planet so I should make a spectacle of it, or so I’m told. As goes with the progression of every year, I’m sure there are many lessons to be learned coming up but I wonder, oh how I wonder what I’ve learned this year. So Brian, what have you learned?

Well… ummm… hmmm… I guess I’ve learned something about myself but I can’t be sure exactly what that is. At least right now I can’t because nothing comes to mind. Well that’s not really true, is it? There are things that come to mind but I don’t want to say them just yet because I don’t think that I have the right thought or the right words to say it. In fact, I don’t know if I can really come up with anything to say that would really work all that well. At least for the moment. So I believe that I’ll put this down, metaphorically because my computer is technically already resting down on my desk, for a few minutes or a few hours. I’ll finish this today but I don’t want to waste a perfectly good edition of Sunday Morning Thoughts by saying silly things or nothing at all, like I am now. So I’ll cease until the next paragraph. Ready? Time warp!!!

I wandered around all day and did nothing to improve this. Time warp to nothing. There I go again forgetting what it was I was going to say and I had thought it so profound. It was probably something about girls or how broke I am or something along those lines. I mean what else there for me to talk about? It’s not as though I have any kind of depth to what I say or even do for that matter.

I’ll get going. I really shouldn’t be so hard on myself over taking time to vegetate. It’s not going to last forever or anywhere near that… it’ll be much more on the shorter side.

But this is just gibberish or nonsense or bullshit or whatever you like to call it. Personally I prefer the term bullshit just for the irony. What do you mean you don’t see the irony? By saying that something is bullshit you are finally and absolutely revealing it for its undeniably evident state which I suppose would just turn it back into bullshit and it would continue from there. I guess I like the escapable idea of bullshit. It warms my heart.

My hope is to escape from the way things are and make them into something that is better. Now whatever the fuck that entails may never be known but shit, it wouldn’t take much to make things better. Now I know that I don’t have it that bad but when speaking in generalities, as I love to do, you start to see that it’s really absurd that we are like we are on this planet.

I don’t know… just more bullshit to toss up on to the pile. Better yet, on top of the heap. A cluttered compilation concisely concealed to trick us but alas the need was not. If you are looking for the guilty, you need only look in a mirror.

I am beyond the point of wasting more of my life. I stare the most crucial parts of my mortality down and I had best not blink. Stars and sirens cry out and I must yell something back.


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