And the Home of the Whopper

There’s a good amount of people who believe that by this time next year, the world will be coming to an end. This is what I’m writing now as of 2:35am on December 21st 2012. I’m going to read for a bit now and then get some sleep but hang around until I wake up and finish this. Trust me, time will fly. You’ll barely even notice it passing. Goodnight.

Good morning. I told you that it would feel like nothing and I’m sure for you it did. For me, it was slow getting out of bed. It was cold and rainy and dreary and I had weird dreams and to be honest, what was I going to do today? I’m bored and broke and have no ambition. I’m lame.

That’s all I wrote yesterday. I just got up and never came back. Instead, I went to go participate in the grotesque seasonal consumerism. I didn’t do much else with my day and now I risk not coming back to this as I will be getting up again to finish a few tasks that I have to go through, or at the very least should go through like showering and such. I’m supposed to get a haircut… we’ll see. Until then, I bid yee fare thee well. We’ll meet again.

And here I am, returning to you at the turning of the tide. Well, there really is no tide. It’s like a kiddy pool, one that’s been sitting in the sun too long and that is probably at least 1% piss. We wade in it, pretend were swimming all the while it just gets warmer without getting anywhere. This is a stupid metaphor. I’m sorry.

My whole idea with writing was to talk about something larger than myself because to be honest, I’m sick of listening to me complain about myself. There is so much more to complain about, like how every day we all wake up and don’t do everything in our power to make this godforsaken rock we live on better. We just don’t despite the actions we believe we take.

Just look at our country. There’s something terribly wrong with it, isn’t there? If you don’t agree with me then you’re just not seeing it. It’s not anything to do with political party or any nonsense like that which is only there to divide and distract. The United States of America is without a single belief that it’s people live by. Go ahead, try and prove me wrong.

Hardworking? Please, this country as a whole produces nothing but war machines and if we do produce anything else, no one buys it. We have just spent every day since the second world war digging into our big pockets that are only replenished by self creating debt by starting more wars. We make war machines that we paid for with our own imaginary money. And to top that off, we sell our debt. China owns a shit ton, or so I’ve heard. I’m not an economist but I don’t imagine anyone who actually claims to have that title is much of one themselves. We’re a country of C student economists.

Liberty? This is too easy. SOPA. NDAA. PATRIOT Act. The “Occupy” movement was a rather sad and pathetic failure. All those iPhones recording cops pepper spraying and beating people with night sticks and no one did a damn thing. They fucking admitted that the Department of Homeland Security held a conference call with them giving instructions on how specifically how to deal with the protestors, if you can even call them that, so it could all be done within the week. And by they, I mean the mayor’s of 18 major U.S. cities including New York.

If the Stop Online Piracy Act (which is what SOPA stands for) passes you can say goodbye to the internet and hello to a second version of the television. It will take away the most free forum for speech left in this country and all because companies over charged for DVD’s that the American people just got sick of buying. It’s not censoring the internet because that’s an idea that can’t be censored, it can only be destroyed. So it will and despite the heavy amount of effort put in by a relatively small portion of the population which consists mostly of anyone who has ever heard of the Reddit, which will be gone after SOPA.

The National Defense Authorization Act will make everyone on the planet a fucking terrorist which means the U.S. military can do whatever the fuck they want with you. Now I don’t hate on the military because it is supposed to be a nonpolitical, unbiased defense body. Unfortunately the people who tell the military what to do, which would be the government who is then told what to do by whoever pays the most which I can guarantee is not the American people because they are more broke than they know what to do with, those people would like to make an empire because let’s be honest, the resources on the planet are limited and wasted at absurd rates so it’d be best to start conquering everything before that all runs out.

Our political system is a joke and our foreign policy is just plain douche bag material. We are the asshole of the world and most of the American people are too fat or too busy with work or too oblivious to do or say anything about it. We should all be screaming at the top of our lungs at our congress people until they do something. We should stop complaining about the stuff that’s made and start making some shit ourselves. I know I’m not a businessman so I won’t be starting a factory, but I can tell you that the business school at my college is the biggest department so someone there should be able to do fucking something.

I get it though, I do the same thing. Well I think I’d like to be done with that. I will do all that I can which is why I’m writing this. It is my hope that I can be a messenger of some sort. Hell I’ll ever craft a few of my own ideas in the hope that it makes someone who reads it do something that is for the good of the human race. We are in desperate need of help that we can only provide to ourselves. It’s easy to do nothing and let a few evil people with some money and some motivation fuck up everything for the rest of us, but I’m done with taking the easy way out.

Just remember the more people doing something like this… what would this be called? I suppose it’s like pursuing liberty which is just really the idea of living free and for the most part happy because you will never be happy all of the time, at least not in this life. In this life in this body you will always crave something be it food, water, warmth, shelter, sex, companionship or sleep. If you need to poo, which everyone eventually does you’ll have to do that too. The jury is still out on love, but that’s not what this is about. This is about fighting for beliefs, so yes it is about love. All I know is if the world is supposed to end in 365 (there’s an extra day because it’s a leap year), we might as well make it the best damn year of our lives. What the hell else are we going to do?


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