Sunday Morning Thoughts 10.16.11

This is the second time this week that I’m starting my day around 1 pm. I slept more than I should, I skipped class and I had no motivation to vacate my bed until my desire to use the bathroom became a requirement and I was forced to leave my warm little safe haven. I was quite upset about it, but then I hung out with Billy Pilgrim and took a shower.

And now here I am. Yet again, caught in a place where there are no words that come to mind. My thoughts have no theme or purpose and it sucks but it’s peaceful. Still, it cannot stay this way. I get way too bored way too easily. In fact even now I’m bored and now that I’m awake I wish I could go out and do something. But then I don’t really do all that much. It’s a bummer I know.

So let me offer you a question… just let me think of it first. I know that I wasn’t to ask you something, but it’s so hard to drum up the proper words. I would imagine that it would go something like this. Do you think it’s possible to take over the world? You know what I mean? Just for once we could complete turn the tables and all of the sudden the entire world we know is at our mercy? Some may say it’s egotistical and power hungry, but they misunderstand why such a thing would want to be done. It really is just curiosity. I just want to see what things were like if they were completely different. I’m sorry but I can get so bored so easily. Still wouldn’t it be grand to stroll along the planet and know that for the first time you could waltz about and change things as you saw fit.

But I suppose that would get boring too. There would be no surprises and heavens me, how I love my surprises! Even if I could and did take over the world, I would get bored with it. I’m still going to try, but I know I’ll get bored when I get there, or I suppose it’s closer to if I get there.

Until then let the soft sad songs pull me and push me and make me crumble and fall. Let me revile in my last shimmering moments of consequence free youth. Let me chase you, my muse, because I will whether you would want me to or not. I’ll just have to suck it up and conquer my little snow globe until I get to a bigger one. My time for leisure is running short and by the way things look outside, it’s not going to be a smooth transition.

All I can ask for in the meantime is enough inspiration to be able get some sort of rise out of myself in the morning so I can go out and pretend to be a superhero or something like that. Embrace the bullshit a little, ya know? It’s all baby steps to global domination. Don’t believe me? Just wait and see.


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