The Cries of the Disgruntled Citizens

Ok, so has anyone else watched the news? There are things that are brewing within the mass civilized population that might just be worthy of our attention, even more than Modern Family. I sat at my computer tonight and just clicked around here and there and found riots in Rome and people being arrested in banks in Manhattan. Maybe it’s just the sites I find, but there seems to be a species very fed up with how it lives. I don’t know if there is really any plan in development, but that’s probably due to the lack of leadership. These uprisings don’t seem to be producing and names to the forefront of what’s going on. Then again it is still early.

Actually if you were in London, you got to see Julian Assange. Indeed an interesting person and there can’t be denying that. He may be considered a criminal to some, but so are a lot of people these days. That may or may not say something about the state of play, but I think we need not go further into the subject. Point being, that’s one. That is one profound character in the fray, so to speak.

Actually, my apologies; Kanye West showed up to Occupy Wall St. We’re saved. I don’t really like Kanye. I’m sorry but he rolls around in money and I don’t really like his music or anything he does. However, I am not here to hate, so I shall not.

People are upset, but where can you direct anything? Our politicians do nothing. We all seem to know that and just accept it. There was a presidential candidate who had a reality show. Did you know that? In the arts you can find independent spirits here and there, but even artists have lost their integrity. There’s the guys who make South Park, whether by intention or not, who have a fair share of cultural impact, but maybe that’s just my personal bias to the power of comedy. Then again look at George Carlin and Lenny Bruce, two men who were prophets of the brick wall.

But we are still stuck in this rut of being all disgruntled and having nothing effectively being done about it. Again, this is only an infant stage of anything, if it even becomes anything. For all we know, we the people, may submit to a lifestyle of debt and ultimate destruction because that possibility is so very real. It may be something scary to talk about, but it can’t be something that is not brought up here and there. We consume at insane rates and replace damn near nothing. Most of the technology that is available to the public is less than what it could be so it could boost profit for somebody somehow, be it the gas in your car or waiting for the new iPhone even though and newer one will be out something like a week later. We spend money we don’t have on things we don’t need, like war, which whether you think it is just or not, is insanely expensive and we’ve been at it a decade now. That is a long time to be spending that kind of money and all the while the rest of us at home pay for it with the debt of our lifestyles.

Our generation is already in debt. We have hardly done anything and we already have to be prepared to embrace the massive weight of the actions of all those before us. There are big changes in the future of the human race. It’s about time if you look at the patterns. It may also be something bigger than anything ever before. If you look around you can see we are using our planet so poorly and cluttering the whole place up that it may just get rid of us soon. It does that, it will clean itself.

I suppose it’s just something to think about, but don’t be caught unaware. It is only through these types of things that we make those big steps forward as a civilization. Assuming we don’t trip.

I think we should see why this is happening in Canada. It might just be the answer.


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