The Age of the Squirrels and Their King

I wish my words had more prose. I wish that the news wasn’t so depressing, especially at 7am. I wish I didn’t feel so tired all of the time. But we all wish for things, so I’m not really different. I am not unique and my thoughts are not profound. I can’t fix anything because I’m not strong enough, but I am not strong enough to really break anything. It’s some other entity that does all of that.

But you know what I say? Let it all fall down. Let the world crumble upon itself and see what its tenants do. See if they’re capable of all of the things that they claim they are. Let’s see if that can compare to the ones that came before them, or if we’re just a dumber, fatter and more out of tune version of the greats that came before, if you even want to call them that.

It’s hard to tell, but I say let it fall just the same. See what people do when there is no such thing as an economy. What happens when food is what you can catch? Well to start, half of the population goes, at the very least. This generation and I’ll argue that a few before it have become too soft from our comfy lives. We don’t know how to get our own food, so we’ll fight and people would die. But the squirrels will be fine. I’m sure. They may be the next great species of this rock. It’s the dawn of a new age.

But I suppose most of the people don’t see anything like this. They say the economy is going into another recession. That’s a phrase that means almost nothing to me now. Like terrorism. The word terrorism, or terrorist or terror has no value. They don’t scare me or make me tread lightly, they just annoy me. The sound of that means some sort of inconvenience in my life. Did we kill their king anyway? Isn’t that how this works? We kill their king before they kill ours?

I don’t care about my king. My king can lick the tip of my dick if he’d like, or my asshole. I have no king, nor would I ever like one. So can all of the nobility, they can lick the tip too. I’m young and mad and have no idea or means to do much about it. I just crave simple things, like something to burn and something to wash it down. I’d like to not feel so alone, but who knows if I will. Life eludes me, partly because I let it. I want it too.

Who knows? I could be homeless in a few years and then all of that freedom will be mine, but of course at a cost. I will exist outside the world that everyone else lives in. The world I used to know. I will be free to do nothing and have no commitments. I wouldn’t want to know if that actually will happen or not. I’d rather be surprised. And hey, maybe I’ll actually become a huge success and never worry about money for the rest of my days.


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