Call me crazy and although you may be right about that, it may be someone’s burden to carry the weight of the world upon your shoulders. I know people always say that’s not true and you always have support and whatnot, but there has to be some sort of ground, doesn’t there? There may be the need for someone to carry their pain and never show it. For some reason, I feel I need to.

Maybe its ego, but then again, what isn’t? Oh, the inhuman conditions of humanity and being human. Find a nice girl Brian, you deserve it. Maybe I do, but maybe someone else needs her more than I do. But I need her, don’t i? Or maybe I don’t? I can and have lived without. Maybe there’s someone for everyone, but there’s an odd number of people.

I sit in the highest tower of my castle and look out upon the world below. They seem so small, but I’m the same size. It’s all physical and physics and psychics and psychos. It’s all so much and nothing. It’s all so sad because it paints this pretty little picture for me to see but never touch. I am only a man. I want to touch. I want to just turn the key and let everything pour from my soul.

But what good would it do? I can’t change yours or anyone else’s mind. I want to, but I really can’t take away any of the pain. I know anything is possible, but this isn’t. I see the cycles in what I do and yet I see how nothing is ever the same. My life from when I started this is gone, and good riddance. It was a silly proposal to even say anything in the first place. If it be my burden to bear, I shouldn’t talk about it so much. Talking won’t bring back the opportunities I’ve lost. Talking won’t make me feel better. Talking won’t make me feel worse. I may just have to stop feeling for awhile. I can’t really stumble in the dark anymore. I may stub my toe and say some nasty words.

I wish for all of the things I don’t have, because I’m only human. Hopefully I won’t be that for much longer. I would like to be something more than just that, but all in good time. Sometimes your entire world gets destroyed just so you can be strong enough to save someone else’s.

Thank you to anyone who caught that I’m alluding to Superman.


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