Sunday Morning Thoughts 8.7.11

My sunburn is peeling. The old skin dies. So it goes.

New skin will grow. It always does, at least while I’m still young, which of course is something that should be treasured and is only disregarded. I got burned on Saturday, at Wake the Dead with August on Sunday which as you may or may not know, and if you don’t know then you should, is one of the most spectacular things to ever happen to you. They are a group of gentlemen of the finest degree. I wish them all the success and love that one can truly give. Good fortune to all of those who were ever part of that band.

I was a Bay Ridge special guest again this weekend. I did stand-up… sort of. It was fun and I got a lot of fairly pleasant feedback. I am, after all, from Wappingers fucking falls, which may be as great a place as any to cultivate individuals who are willing to do anything to grab the whorish light of the attention of strangers. Only some of us are lucky enough to be born with the genetic flaw of a craving heart, and relentlessly, infatuating passion. It may have something to do with green eyes. Then again, everything in my world has to do with green eyes. It’s always nice to see a set of those. Deep emeralds splashed with lighter shades making the entire thing sing to you the sweetest song in the sweetest voice.

You’ll have to excuse me, I have recently stolen gum and a Gatorade from a pharmacy in Brooklyn. Some would call it evil, I would call it out of the ordinary and rather rewarding. Lots of trains, and lots of driving. Kaal Rock for the last time this summer. Music for the Poughkeepsie area to dig and curse about. Hurley liked it. He was there ne night. They said I was an amazing guitar player, which is something I have heard a bit of lately. I’ve heard a lot of good things. Some of them truly heartfelt like how some people feel about chocolate milk. I just love it.

Congrats to the gentlemen. They’ve earned themselves a nice little album to work on that I have a feeling that a lot of people are going to hear. Again, kudos and wishes of good things. I may not sound as though that is sincere, but it is so fuck off if you don’t think so. There are few things that are as true to my heart as these blessings, and unlike blessings from god, you know the guy who’s doing it.

And like a fart sneaking out when you laugh, there goes my thoughts and whims that I planned to pen so fantastic. There seems to be so much to say and no real way to say it. Well of course that’s not true, but since the case is that I can’t see any sort of way, I am severely obligated to believe that there isn’t. But I type because it’s now Tuesday, hence my sunburn from Saturday now turning tan. I haven’t had the time. Train me away. I met some of my residents tonight. They seemed very nice. They’re all on the women’s soccer team. I should make the effort to go to their games. I should talk to them and get to know them, even though no one else is here.

I wonder what they thought of me. Superficial right? OMG! That is such a long word… like… banana. I – O – N – A , I O N A. clap clap.

It’s nice to be home. It’s nice to be back in ol Lofty. It’s nice to be rid of last year. It’s nice to see how this year started. The conversation thus far has been spectacular. I melt. My mind is blow and boggled and bewildered and something else that starts with a B. The laugh, the sense of humor, the pained little soul that lives inside. I know you’re broken and aching a bit, and that is because you are human. But isn’t it nice to be alive? It is when you’re around.

“Don’t try it man.”

“Why not?”

“Because you’re not supposed to.”

“But I want to.”


So what? SO WHAT? How do you not talk about this? I mean, if I want to start taking some risks and trying a few stabs at the old passionate side of me that collects dust, should I not start with that? I think I will and it may just be against my better judgment, but that’s been wrong too. Judgment is a fool’s game. But I’m a bit of a fool. Either way, I could be wrong. I could also be right which would be kinda rad.

But listen, I want to help and stuff. I want to because I’m wired to want to. It’s probably faulty wiring, but it’s all I’ve got. I wish the train got delayed on the track. That would have been damn near excellent. I will try because I can’t not. How could you honestly expect me not to? You’re spectacular.

Je ne suis qu’un home. Adieu.


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