An Old, Skipping Record

Cigarette Cowboys die alongside I

As first person drops the wheel

To better hear the rain fall

But the need was naught

For the rain falls harder

If only for a moment, if only forever

The screen is off still nothing comes forth

To claim the burdened and relieve said soul

Only rain drops sound with tricks in my head

One cry of life tells all it’s not dead

So stands I so silent, solely sobered by dreamt up sighs

Dreams of lines pull me yonder

Dreams of troubles hold me still

Dreams are not for the peaceful

Empty and asleep, save crickets songs and tales

I long for sirens and sounds of motion

At least outside of my head

That makes them all for the moment

Time will neither kiss nor tell

Any truth, any lie or all that resides between

But these broken poems that litter the page

Will never grow up, nor will they ever change

And so shall I love them

Though they know nothing just the same


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