Thoughts on the End of the World – I

So where was I when it all happened? Well, it’s kinda hard to say because it didn’t really happen at once. See that’s the thing about the “End” that everybody got wrong. It doesn’t just happen all at once. Why? Well maybe it has something to do with how long we’ve been building it up for. See, that’s the thing that everyone missed. They all thought some force beyond our control like God, or a meteor, or Global Warming, or worldwide earthquakes would just kill us all, but it wasn’t really any of those things. It was ourselves. We did it, we killed off ourselves. Why you ask? Well just think about it. Think about the lifestyle the industrial world produced. Think about how everything got so expensive and how everybody was declaring war on someone else, or overthrowing the government over here, or in the case of the good ol’ U.S. of A, where people just wasted their gift of existence.

People may get hostile, but that just proves my point. People loved to have flags on their cars and coffee mugs, but no one stopped the empire from building itself to a point of total collapse. No one in America cared about any other part of the world because they were the fucking best and no matter what no other country on the face of the Good Lord’s good Earth could even come close to being able to wipe the ass of America. Well, nobody wants to wipe a lard ass that has gas from all the crap food that was pumped into it. Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m not anti-America. I’m not a Communist or an Anarchist or some stupid socialized liberal or some nut job conservative fascist. I’m just a person and that’s what everybody forgot. They forgot that they are people with a life that is more precious than anything else you could receive and we all squandered it.

I’m not anti-America, because there is no more America. There’s no more anything. No Canada, no Mexico, no England, no Israel, no Russia, no China, no India, no Brazil, no South Africa or Belgium or Venezuela or Vatican or Iran… it’s all gone. The land is still there, but I doubt there are people. And if there might be a few sad, hungry, lonely people left there, I can guarantee you that they don’t give a flying fuck what country you were from. The few of us who lived through it all, and trust me it’s a very small number, are now lucky enough to be able to see our gift for what it is now.

I was going into my junior year of college when I suppose it began. It’s hard to say because it had been coming. It was easy to see, but no one noticed. When it was all falling apart, people begged on their knees to God why he would do this to them. They felt cheated and wronged and begged for life and got nothing. They couldn’t see that God had nothing to do with this.

It started with the collapse of the States. It started with the thing that our entire society was built on. That’s right, you guessed it. The almighty dollar. We were all money hungry people and then one day, there was just no more of it. The system collapsed because there was no system. All of our money was imaginary because it was just printed from nothing with the hopes that someday we would come up with a plan to pay some sort of value on it.

So one day, actually it was June 14th to be exact, which of course as every good American knows, is Flag Day, they went on all of the TV stations and the radio on posted on their WebPages that the American Dollar was valueless because it always had been. The Federal Reserve had been printing money from nothing and it finally caught up. I’m not really much of an economist, but I’ve dabbled in the history and workings of the system (if you can even call it that) and can tell you that since the money was printed when the government gave the Fed these Treasury Bonds, which are just pieces of paper that say “Someday we’ll pay you back”, that it was essentially worthless and since the government’s only source of money was the Fed, there was no way to pay them back.

But I don’t like to really get into all of that because it just pisses me off. So with the money being worthless, the people panicked. There was rioting and looting and since nobody was paying the cops, there was no one to keep the piece. Except of course, the military. But they had been stretched so thin that they were doomed to fail. When you have troops in half of the countries on the planet, you don’t have all that much back home.

Oh silly me, I almost forgot about that other thing. You know all those stories about zombies feeding on the flesh of the living. Well, there were no zombies because that is impossible. But there were millions of people in this country who were on a whole boat load of pills for some sort of “mental disorder”, be it depression or anxiety or bi-polar disorder or schizophrenia or A.D.D. Now the problem here is that all of these people really had no idea what they were taking and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but pharmaceutical corporations didn’t really care enough about people to see what any kind of “side-effects” may be produced by this crap in the long term. Well slowly but surely, all of these meds eventually caused the minds of these people to rot and deteriorate until they became irrational savages who saw everything as a threat that must be dealt with. So they would get violent. People would just snap at the family dinner and viciously massacre everyone in their home. At first, when there was still people spending money, they had been working on a reversal for all of this, with some success. They would gather up all of the people by the thousands and send to these specialized “hospitals” where they would be tested and treated. But when the money went, so did the people working at all of these nice little fix-me-up institutions. With no one to cure them or even keep them within the confines, they were free to roam the streets like rabid dogs, attacking and killing and in some cases they would become cannibals. Sounds nice right?

Now across the globe, people were all fighting each other over this and that, be it religion, or economics or military conflict. The war on Terrorism had built up so much tension that people just started killing each other. Maybe that doesn’t sound too delicate or detailed, but that’s just how it was. Of course, the developed countries tried to police everyone but they were sick of it. U.N. soldiers started getting massacred and U.S. bases were destroyed all over the world. So a few nukes were launched here and there, and before you knew it half of the world was an atomic wasteland. This didn’t happen all over and only three bombs were set off in the states; one in Washington D.C., one in L.A., and one in New Jersey. They were aiming for New York, but for whatever reason missed. No one knows who sent them and it didn’t really matter once we started to fire back. We blew up whoever sent them because after the one in Jersey, no one was left anywhere else to send one back.

I should point out that we sent the first one. Any guess’s as to where? Nope, not Iran or North Korea or Afghanistan or even China. It was in Germany. Would you like to know why? It’s because in the little town of Ramstien, just outside of Kaiserslautern, is the largest military base outside of the U.S. So when people got fed up, they went there and tried to tear the place down. It wasn’t any army or terrorist group, it was just people all over the world who were pissed off and wanted to destroy something. They flooded by the thousands, some armed with nothing more than a baseball bat and some sporting shiny, new and fully automatic firearms. So when they realized that they couldn’t stop that many people, they pulled as many people as they could out of the chaos and dropped a bomb. Then someone else got pissed at how many people were killed, so they tossed one in our direction and hit D.C. So we dropped another one on Iran, just because we thought it might have been them, and someone blew up most of Los Angeles, so we tossed two more, at North Korea and China. And so we sent one to every country that had any nuclear weapons and a few that didn’t but we just didn’t like until there was no one left pushing any buttons.

Of course back home, the military tried to use force to keep peace. This didn’t go over too smoothly, as you could imagine. So between all of the savages loose on the streets and so many people being killed in riots all over the land of the free, anarchy naturally came to be. They overthrew the government and killed all the politicians and all of those big business fat cats who paid them. With all the old rulers dead or in hiding, people tried to take over. A few different people and groups tried to take hold of the chaos and they were all killed just like those before them. People were sick of being ruled by anyone. So this went on for a few years until nobody gave a fuck and abandoned the whole childish game of trying to govern others and just tried to keep themselves and maybe a few loved ones alive for as long as they could. We went back to being hunters and gatherers, with a few primitive agricultural groups here and there.

There were 10,346,942 people on the planet when the world’s markets all crashed, which was what I’ve figured to be about five years ago. I don’t know how many there are now, but I can tell you that I know of three people; myself, my brother James and Father McNulty.

My brother and I live in the New York Public Library, which is of course right on 5th avenue in what used to be the greatest city in the world. Father McNulty lives in St. Pat’s Cathedral a few blocks away. I never had faith, even though I was raised Catholic. Still, McNulty is one of the kindest, most giving people that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I admire his faith and wish I could believe that there was some sort of God who still cared. I actually think that he might be God and has just never gotten around to realizing it. He was too busy helping people his entire life to worry about that whole mess.

My name’s John by the way. I was named after St. John the apostle, of course. You know, the one who wrote the Book of Revelations. It’s an interesting read, if you ever get the chance.


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