Damn… It Feels Pretty Good To Be a Gangster…. Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good

All of you prepare yourself for the coming tide you have not seen in sometime. It’s this damn weather. It’s been so fucking rainy and now, yes! Fucking grand.

My mood has been showing. I’ve been wishing everyone who walks by the desk a good afternoon. Why? Why not? I think it’s a gradual acceptance of the answer of because. Things are as they are because they shouldn’t be any other way. The fabric of this world is so intricately weaved that if you pull only a bit of it apart, it won’t be as beautiful. Now that’s not to say we should abandon hope, on the contrary, it should inspire hope. You don’t know anything, so everything is brilliant and new if you just let it unfold as it should.

I told you, all I needed was a little sunshine and things just fall together so nicely. I feel good. Actually really good, so good that I just yelled to some strangers about how excited I am to be able to get away from this desk and walk out into the world. Fucking yes man, it’s just life and it’s ours. All of ours. Yours is yours and mine is mine and his is hers and it’s all just so grand folks. I don’t know if there’s more that I can tell you.

Knock down the walls and just let that pent up soul of yours do as it pleases without concern or any type of regard for what may go wrong. I speak of course to myself, but if this works for you by all means, go at it. I would just imagine that tossing everything that has that fluffed up sense of value to hide the nothing that’s actually there is the best way to live… if you ask me. But you may like the idea of closing off and hiding away where no one can get you. I tried that, and hell I’m sure I’ll try again. But it won’t work, and most likely never will. And if does, then I have become what I despise and that shan’t be.

But this has killed a nice amount of time, so I deem it a success. Man it feels good to be successful.


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