Sunday Morning Thoughts 4.24.11

Happy Zombie Jesus day everyone!

I went to church today… I know right? But as long as dad is paying the bills, his will shall be done. It is always an entertaining experience though. Babies crying and people giving each other dirty looks. It’s weird but every time I’m in church, I always hope that there’s a fire or something, just to see the people run away from their faith as they push over old ladies and children to get to the exit. Half of the people who go to mass on Easter Sunday don’t go the rest of the year, but I suppose they just want to make sure they get a seat up in the clouds. Me, I kinda want to see what hell is like. I mean, sinning is way better than following the rules, so hell is probably just some out of control party. I wouldn’t really know anyone in heaven anyway. And if I did know the people there, I don’t imagine I would want to be around them.

Upon second thought, maybe wishing for a fire is a bit rash. I have always wondered what people would do if all the sudden the roof split and fire and brimstone rained down from the sky. You know, the whole biblical apocalypse. Right out of Revelations with the horsemen and everything. I wonder what all those people would do. They’d probably run. A few would stay and pray I suppose, and some would try to fight. But what would I do? I’d probably laugh. I’d laugh at the madness and the circumstance.

Or I’d try to find some beautiful way to go out. Something that means something to me because at the end of the world nothing else matters. What that would be, I cannot say. I wouldn’t know until exactly at that moment. Then it would be gone.

Gone… now there’s an interesting word. To be gone, to go away and such. Can you ever really go away? I suppose at the end we all do, but maybe even then we don’t. Mysteries of life that just perplex my tiny little mind. I feel very Bokononist today, probably because I went to church. So let us lie in the sun and lie about reality. Let it break our hearts, minds and souls into a million pieces. Let’s watch it all crumble and see what we have left. If everything were gone, what would we have?

Sigh, said the sad little man. But he’s not really sad, but just curious and fearful of disappointment. There is a difference, but there’s probably not. I wonder if Lord Byron is ever going to reply to my letter. Probably not, but that’s fine. I’m sure he’s busy with his own apocalyptic preparations. When the world does end, I’d like to dance in a bar and have silly little conversations. Hell, I’d like to do that before the world ends too.


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