From Dust, To Dust

I believe that I have a lot to do tomorrow. For some reason I believe that this now will help that. I have no real reason to believe that, but that has yet to stop me. It may be madness, I know. In fact, I’m almost hoping for that. I really have grown so weary of things the way they are and I shall not be standing for such granfallonery any longer. I would like to finally set myself free from all this that just weighs me down without at least showing the proper courtesy of revealing some sort reason to me. If they’re going to be rude like that, then I’ll just ignore them too. Let’s either grow up and act like adults or just act like children and forget about everything after a day or two. Man… it was nice back then, just being able to start each day not worrying about some sort of schedule for your life. Hell, you hardly had one for the day.

But since I choose not to participate in such activites, I’ll just stop. And change the subject to… umm… well, I don’t really know what else there is to talk about. Oh don’t be ridiculous, of course there’s something. There’s always something. Something. There, you see! I wrote something and then there was something. I write, therefore I am. It’s really that simple. I am capable of creating something. I can manifest an idea, even if it doesn’t mean anything. It’s that fucking grand? I can do things like that and I don’t think it’s a miracle until now? Damn those bastards… whoever is responsible for this. Because there always has to be someone, just pulling the strings. Right?

Well, I don’t know if I can prove that. I don’t know if I could even prove anything to any of you. We crave truth, but does anyone know what that is? I dare say, few of us do. Maybe none of us do. Yeah, if you really think about it, not a single one of us does. You can doubt every single thing around you if you want and you hold the right to do such.

But if you say that you do understand truth, I ask this to you. What is your truth? God? The Universe? Science? Love? Family? Friendship? Well?

Now if you say you have no doubt in any of those things, you’re a lying piece of shit. You can’t understand any of those things, so even if you believe them, it doesn’t make it true.

Love. raise your hand if you really think you understand love. Good now, realize this (and if you’ve ever had a conscious thought you probably already know this but just refuse to admit it) everything can be doubted. It’s how it is. The only thing you can be sure of, is that you have no fucking clue as to what is really going on and you can either ignore that, or let it eat away at your tiny little rotting soul until you wake up every day and wonder why you really do anything. You gave up your god, you gave up love, you gave up everything and now you are just you in a body. Think about that, because that may be all it is.

But your doubts can always be wrong. I have hope in some of those things. Call me a fool and you’d be right, but I hold my head just as high. I am proud to be a fool and all of you should know it, and by all I mean whoever got bored on Facebook, or randomly stumbled across my blog on a bad porn link. So here’s to you disappointed masturbator, since you made it this far, I will tell you something comforting. No one will judge you once well all turn back to dust, so why care about it now? Do as you please and be pleased with what you do. Jump and dive into all the nonsense of life. Play games only if they’re fun. And to dust we shall return.



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